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17th edition iee wiring regulations explained and illustrated ninth edition pdf

It was once said, by whom I have no idea, that ‘rules and regulations are
for the guidance of wise men and the blind obedience of fools’. This is
certainly true in the case of the IEE Wiring (BS 7671) Regulations. They
are not statutory rules, but recommendations for the safe selection and
erection of wiring installations. Earlier editions were treated as an ‘electrician’s Bible’:

the Regulations now take the form primarily of a design document.

It must be remembered that the Regulations are not a collection of unrelated statements each to be interpreted in isolation; there are many crossreferences throughout which may render such an interpretation valueless.

In using the Regulations I have found the index an invaluable starting
place when seeking information. However, one may have to try different
combinations of wording in order to locate a particular item. For example,
determining how often an RCD should be tested via its test button could
prove difficult since no reference is made under ‘Residual current devices’
or ‘Testing’; however, ‘Periodic testing’ leads to Regulation 514.12, and
the information in question is found in 514.12.2. In the index, this Regulation is referred under ‘Notices’.