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17th edition iee wiring regulations inspection testing and certification sixth edition pdf

As a bridge between the 17th Edition course (C &G 2382-10) and
the Design, Erection and Verification course (C &G 2391-20), the
author, in association with the City & Guilds and Donald Malcolm
Consultants, was involved in the development of the Inspection,
Testing and Certification courses (C &G 2392-10 and 2391-10).
The 2392-10 covers the requirements for Initial Verification and
the 2391-10 both Initial Verification and Periodic Inspection and

This book has been revised to serve as an accompaniment to these
new schemes and has been brought fully up-to-date with the 17th
Edition Wiring Regulations. It is also a useful addition to the reference library of contracting electricians and candidates studying for
the C &G 2382 and 2391-20 qualifications.

Before we embark on the subject of inspection and testing, it is,
perhaps, wise to refresh our memories with regards to one or two
important topics from the 17th edition (BS 7671 2008).
Clearly the protection of persons and livestock from shock and
burns, etc. and the prevention of damage to property are priorities.

In consequence, therefore, thorough inspection and testing of an
installation and subsequent remedial work where necessary will
significantly reduce the risks.
So let us start with electric shock, that is the passage of current
through the body of such magnitude as to have significant harmful
effects. Figure 0.1illustrates the generally accepted effects of current passing through the human body