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17th edition iee wiring regulations inspection testing and certification sixth edition pdf

As a bridge between the 17th Edition course (C &G 2382-10) and
the Design, Erection and Verification course (C &G 2391-20), the
author, in association with the City & Guilds and Donald Malcolm
Consultants, was involved in the development of the Inspection,
Testing and Certification courses (C &G 2392-10 and 2391-10).
The 2392-10 covers the requirements for Initial Verification and
the 2391-10 both Initial Verification and Periodic Inspection and

This book has been revised to serve as an accompaniment to these
new schemes and has been brought fully up-to-date with the 17th
Edition Wiring Regulations. It is also a useful addition to the reference library of contracting electricians and candidates studying for
the C &G 2382 and 2391-20 qualifications.