Download Advances in Asphalt Materials Road and Pavement Construction by Shin Che Huang and Herve Di Benedetto Easily In PDF Format For Free 

Because of the urgent need for infrastructure rehabilitation and maintenance, the introduction and application of sustainable and environmentally friendly bituminous materials will have a significant impact on the national economy as well as on energy sustainability. It is for this reason that more research is needed on understanding bituminous materials. This book provides a

comprehensive review of recent advances in research and technological developments in bituminous materials, from fundamental material properties in the microscale and macroscale to modeling techniques. It covers a wide range of subjects, including the perspective of bituminous binder specification; characterization and analysis of asphalt materials; pavement distresses such as thermal cracking, fatigue cracking, healing, permanent deformation, moisture damage, and oxidative aging; alternative binders; the blending issue of reclaimed asphalt pavement; asphalt emulsion; and aggregate gradation optimization

It also includes developments to understand the response behavior of bituminous material under various mechanical and environmental impacts for the selection criteria, so that longer lasting asphalt pavements can be achieved. This book is essential for researchers, practitioners, and

transportation engineers who need updated and valuable information in material characterization and field validation for both short- and long-term performance of asphalt pavements. We would like to express our most sincere thanks to all the authors for their hard work. Without their efforts, we would not have had such high-quality content in this publication. Thanks are also extended to Gwen Jones and Josh Bennett of Woodhead Publishing for their skillful management of the revision and publication process, and to our colleagues, friends, and families for their forbearance and support during the long process leading to this book.