Download Facility Piping Systems Handbook for Industrial, Commercial and Healthcare Facilities 3rd Edition By Michael Frankel

The purpose of this handbook is to provide engineers, students, and others with principles and concepts that will enable them to solve design problems and calculation procedures that are an everyday part of the design for various systems. This handbook

reflects the changing code requirements that are a part of the engineering industry. The third edition enables me to continue this idea and enhance the handbook’s reference value. There have been some major new developments since the publication of the second edition that has made this third edition necessary. New material for swimming pools has been added since this has become part of many client requests for consulting engineers. The chapters for health care facilities have been revised based on the latest edition of NFPA-99, Code for Health Care Facilities, and

improved design procedures. The plumbing section has been updated due to the revision of various plumbing codes. Illustrative examples, including step-by-step procedures, have been modernized and enlarged. Most chapters have been updated, mostly due to revised code requirements, but, also, many of the calculations have been updated based on new and revised procedures and information that have recently been developed.

 As before, I would like to thank the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for extending permission to me for the use of many diagrams and illustrations that appear throughout this book. It is important to note that this material does not represent

the official and complete position of the NFPA on the particular subject to which the material refers. The reader should consult the specific code or standard concerning the subject to which the material refers in order to fully understand the NFPA’s position on the subject.