Download HVAC Controls Operation and Maintenance Third Edition By Guy W. Gupton easily in PDF format for free 

In the four years since the publication of the second edition of this
book, there have been continuing changes in the automatic temperature control
industry due to the widespread use of direct digital control (DDC) systems.
This book is intended to provide guidance in the operation and maintenance of

all types of ATC systems. At the time of writing the first edition, the
majority of systems in use were of the electric/electronic and pneumatic types.

With the rapid increase in installations of DDC systems, it became necessary to
include material in the second edition that will provide basic coverage of DDC
systems. This book includes basic procedures in the operation and maintenance

of DDC systems, particularly in the initial checkout and operator training on
newly installed systems. Those procedures are also applicable to the

recommissioning of existing DDC systems and in recurrent training of DDC system
operators and maintenance technicians. The complexity of DDC system programming

and the major differences in program language between system manufacturers,
limits the discussion in this book of the actual programming of DDC systems.

That type of information is application specific and must be obtained from the
system manufacturer’s literature and training seminars.