Download Construction technology 2 Industrial and Commercial Building Mike Riley and Alison Cotgrave easily in PDF format for free 

There are many texts available in the area of commercial and industrial building technology, each with their own merits. Each new book in this complex and wide ranging field of study attempts to provide something extra, something different to set it apart from the rest. The result is an

ever-expanding quantum of information for the student to cope with. While such texts are invaluable as reference sources, they are often difficult to use as learning vehicles.

This text seeks to provide a truly different approach to the subject of construction technology primarily associated with framed buildings. Rather than being a reference source, although it may be used as such, the book provides a learning vehicle for students of construction and

property-related subjects. This volume builds upon the subject matter that was introduced in the first book of the series, Construction Technology 1: House Construction, although it is also a valuable standalone learning resource.