Download Electrical Engineering Principles and Applications Sixth Edition by Allan R. Hambley easily in PDF format for free.

As in the previous editions, my guiding philosophy in writing this book has three elements. The first element is my belief that in the long run students are best served by learning basic concepts in a general setting. Second, I believe that students need to be motivated by seeing how the principles apply to specific and interesting problems in their own fields. The third element of my philosophy is to take every opportunity to make learning free of frustration for the student.

This book covers circuit analysis, digital systems, electronics, and electromechanics at a level appropriate for either electrical-engineering students in an introductory course or nonmajors in a survey course. The only essential prerequisites are basic physics and single-variable calculus. Teaching a course using this book offers opportunities to develop theoretical and experimental skills and experiences in the following areas:

- Basic circuit analysis and measurement.
- First- and second-order transients.
- Steady-state ac circuits.
- Resonance and frequency response. 
- Digital logic circuits. 

- Microcontrollers.
- Computer-based instrumentation, including Lab VIEW.
- Diode circuits.
- Electronic amplifiers.
- Field-effect and bipolar junction transistors. 
- Operational amplifiers. 
- Transformers.
- Ac and dc machines.
- Computer-aided circuit analysis using MATLAB.

While the emphasis of this book is on basic concepts, a key feature is the inclusion of short articles scattered throughout showing how electrical-engineering concepts are applied in other fields.

The subjects of these articles include anti-knock signal processing for internal combustion engines, a cardiac pacemaker, active noise control, and the use of RFID tags in fisheries research, among others. I welcome comments from users of this book. Information on how the book could be improved is especially valuable and will be taken to heart in future revisions. My e-mail address is