Download Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering by Dr. K.R. Arora easily in PDF format for free.

Basic Definitions and Simple Tests.
Particle Size Analysis.

Plasticlty Characteristics of Soils.
Soil Classification.

Clay Mineralogy and Soil Structure.
Capillary Water.
Permeability of Soil.
Seepage Analysis.

Effective Stress Principle.
Stress Duo to Applied Loads.
Consolldation of Soils.
Shear Strength.
Compaction of Soils.
Soil Stabilisation.
Drainage, De-watering and Wells.

Site Investigations.
Stability of Slopes.
Earth Pressure Theories.
Design of Retaining Walls and Bulkheads.

Braced Cuts and Coffer Dams.
Shafts, Tunnels and Underground Conduits.
Well Foundations.
Drilled Piers and Caissons.
Pile Foundations.
Design and Shallow Foundations.
Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations.

Machine Foundation.
Pavement Design.
Laboratory Experiments.
Introduction to Rock Mechanics.
Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering.