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D.C. Transmission and Distribution:
Transmission and Distribution of D.C. Power -Two- wwire and Three-wire System-Volage Drop and Transmission Efficiency-Methods of Feeding Distribu toc-D.C.Distībutor Fed at One End- Unifomly Loaded Distabutor- Distributor Fed at Eoth Ends with Equal Vollages- Distabutor Fed at

Eoth Ends with Unequal Volages-UnfoLceding with DistibutorFed at Eoth Ends-Concentrated and Uniforo Lceding wit Distabutor Fed at One End- Ring Distabutor Cucent Loading and Lcad-point Vollages in a 3-wie Systern-Three-wine Systerm- Balancers Boostets-Comparison of 2-wire and 3-Mire Distdbution Systerms-Objecive Tests.

A.C. Transmission and Distribution

GeneralLayout of the Sysem-PowerSystems and Systen Newods-Systems of А.С. Distabution Single-phase, 2 wite System-Single-phase, 3-ieSysem Ewo-phase, 3-ite System-Two-phase, 4-wire Sysem Three phase, 3-wie System Three-phase, 4-Wine System Distabution-Effect of Voltage on Transission Efficiency-Compaison of Conductor iaberials Required for Various Ovethead Systes-Constans of a Transmission Line-Reactance of an Isolated Single-phase Transmission Line-Reactance of 3-phase Transmission Line-Capacitanceof

aSingle-phase Transmission Line-Capacitance of a Th ree-phase Transmission Line-Shott Single-phase Line Calculaions- Short Three-phase Transmission Line Constants- Effects of Capacitance-Nominal Tmethod- TTominal rmethod-Ferran Effect-Chaging Curentand Line Loss of an Unlcaded Transmission Line-Gene ralised Cincuit Constants of a Transmission Line-Coona- isual Caúcal Voltage-Coon a Power-Disadvantages of Conaod.