Download Advanced Concrete Technology Concrete Properties by John Newman and Ban Seng Choo easily in PDF format for free.

1. Fresh concrete.
2. Setting and hardening of concrete.
3. Curing.

4. Concrete properties: setting and hardening.
5. Hot and cold weather concreting.
6. Properties of hardened concrete.

7. Strength and failure of concrete under short-term, cyclic and sustained loading.
8. Elasticity, shrinkage, creep and thermal movement.
9. Durability of concrete and concrete construction.
10. Durability concept: pore structure and transport processes.
11. Reinforcement corrosion.

12. Concrete and fire exposure.
13. Freeze/thaw resistance.
14. Acid, soft water and sulfate attack.
15. Alkali aggregate reactivity.
16. Specification and achievement of cover to reinforcement.