Download Estimating For Residential Construction Second Edition by David J. Pratt easily in PDF format for free.

Estimating for Residential Construction, 2E is intended for 2-year and 4-year postsecondary construction programs. It is written to provide the reader with the resources necessary to learn how to estimate the construction costs of residential buildings and remodelling projects using modern technology and following the methods employed by estimators in the residential

sector. The book is primarily intended for the person who is beginning to learn the practice of cost estimating whether they are a student taking a course in estimating at college, or someone who has recently assumed estimating responsibilities for a builder or consultant.

The text will also be of interest to construction managers, supervisors, and practicing estimators who, from time to time, may wish to refer to a source of estimating data or simply investigate how other estimators approach this subject. The goal of the text is to describe an easy to follow step-by-step method of estimating that can be used to produce an accurate construction cost estimate in the minimum of time; a cost estimate that is easy to review and one that is recognized by experienced estimators as the product of a professional.

While the text concentrates on the kind of small projects typically undertaken by homebuilders, the techniques developed here can be applied to the many different types of projects ranging in scope from a single detached home to multi-unit high-rise buildings. The examples offered relate to a single-family house, a 4-unit apartment building, and a small renovation project. These projects were selected for their relative simplicity so that the reader can concentrate on the estimating technique rather than having to spend time unravelling complicated detail.

The estimating process presented is not intended to be some radical, new method of estimating, instead, it is estimating as it is currently pursued by professional estimators doing essentially what estimators have always done but with far more speed, accuracy, and thoroughness using all the modern innovations that advance the effi ciency and effectiveness of the process.

Note that all prices used in the text are for illustrative purposes only, actual prices of construction work vary considerably from place to place and from time to time and should be carefully considered before using in actual estimates. There are basically three distinct groups of builders serving the residential construction market: those that build new homes for sale to home buyers; those that work under contract to the property owner to build a custom home or renovate an existing property for the owner; and those that construct multi-unit residential buildings for owners/developers.