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During the last decade, the third edition of Prestressed Concrete was reprinted sixteen times. This indicates the widespread acceptance of the book as a basic text for Civil Engineering students and also as a useful reference guide for practicing structural designers and as a

comprehensive reference book for teachers. Over the years, I have received very useful constructive suggestions from the students as well as engineering teachers to update the contents of the book.

The Indian Standard Code of Practice for Prestressed Concrete (IS: 1343-1980) is presently under revision. The draft of the second revision indicates that no major changes are likely regarding the section dealing with the structural design, except that the table numbers may be changed and minor revisions are contemplated to the section dealing with Materials, Workmanship, Inspection and Testing.

This Fourth Edition incorporates some important chapters which are of immense interest not only to the students but also to structural designers and construction engineers who face innumerable problems in the field. New chapters dealing with topics such as Design of Prestressed Concrete Trusses, Planning and Economical Aspects, Construction Management, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Various Types of Prestressed Concrete Structures are included and the text material is fortified with typical figures and photographs drawn from national and international journals and prominent publications.

This edition also contains review questions at the end of every chapter and an appendix containing objective type questions covering all the chapters to help the students preparing for university and UPSC examinations. I am deeply indebted to many of my old students, colleagues and practicing structural engineers for their helpful suggestions and constructive comments which have led to significant improvement of the text. I acknowledge with gratitude the help rendered by my wife Pramila and grandson Srikanth for text processing and composing

the matter on computer. I also wish to acknowledge the timely assistance of Sri.V.B.Prasad for preparing the master tracings of the figures.
I am grateful to M/s. Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited for their encouragement and cooperation in the production and publication of the fourth edition N KRISHNA RAJ.