Download Why Buildings Fall Down How Structures Fail by Matthys Levy and Mario Salvadori easily in PDF format for free.

It seemed almost unavoidable that having written a book entitled Why Buildings Stand Up, I should be pushed by my friends (and my wonderfully friendly editor, Edwin Barber) to write another calledwhat else?-Why Buildings Fall Down. I

have at long last given in to the temptation of explaining structural failures in lay language, a simple but exciting task, but only because the coauthor of another of my books, Matthys Levy, a master of structural design, has enthusiastically accepted to write it with me.

He and I can apply eighty-five years of design and teaching experience, and sixty of investigations into structural failures, to the job of helping us relieve the fears of the uninitiated, while taking the reader on an interesting and, we hope, entertaining trip that will make the reader see buildings as never before: with a clear understanding of why they stand up and why, yes, but once in a blue moon, they fall down.