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The starting point of machinery selection is machinery know-how. From know-how we
can progress to type selection: reciprocating compressor vs. centrifugal compressor, dry vs.
liquid-injected rotary screw compressor. Type selection leads to component selection: oil
film seals vs. dry gas seals for centrifugal compressors. These could be exceedingly important
considerations since both type selection and component selection will have a lasting impact
on maintainability, surveillability, availability, and reliability of compressors and steam
turbines. Without fail, the ultimate effect will be plant profitability or even plant survival.
This text, then, is intended to provide the kind of guidance that will make it easier for
the reader to make an intelligent choice.

Although I cannot claim it to be all-encompassing
and complete in every detail, it is nevertheless intended to be both readable and relevant.
I have brought this second edition text up to date in terms of practical, field-proven component configuration and execution of process compressors. The emphasis is on technology
for two principal categories and their respective subgroups: positive displacement compressors and dynamic compression equipment such as centrifugal and axial turbomachines.
New material deals with compressor specification, testing, reliability verification, asset
management, and related subjects