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Welding For Dummies®
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About the Author
Steven Robert Farnsworth hails from Iowa, close to the age of dirt being
born in 1955. He attended Archer School until they closed it and went on to
Sanborn Community High School, where he graduated in 1973. He was one
of the lucky ones.

While attending high school, he also attended a vocational
school, graduating with a welding diploma.
Steve enlisted in the U.S. Navy in July of 1973. After boot camp, he attended
HTA (Hull Maintenance Technician) in San Diego, California, and transferred
to the USS ARD 30 (the fl oating dry dock for fast attack submarines), where
he worked in the repair division. Steve was then sent to C1 Welding School
in San Diego, where he qualifi ed as a high pressure plate and high pressure
pipe welder. After attending C1 Welding School, he was transferred to the
USS Basilone DD824 until his honorable discharge in July of 1977. Steve began
his civilian career at a construction company in Spencer, Iowa, working as
the welder, semi driver, and heavy equipment operator. In August 1979,
he acquired the position of Welding Instructor at Iowa Lakes Community
College, teaching the following classes:

I dedicate this book to all the welders and welding students who put everything together that makes this world go around. I cannot imagine a world
without welded products.

So thank you, welders who have breathed a little
smoke and saw the fl ash of products being welded together. I would also like
to thank Iowa Lakes Community College for allowing me to write this book
and putting up with me for all these years.
Author’s Acknowledgments
When I was young, my fi rst job was moving chicken manure for 90 cents
an hour.

(Believe me, you never had a cold after you scooped that stuff.)
Welding at the local factory paid 35 cents more an hour.

(Wouldn’t you
change jobs?) At that time, who would have ever thought I would author a
book on something that I enjoy doing? I would like to thank all the people
who have helped me teach welding students how to weld over the last 25+

I hope this welding book helps you become the welder that you want
to be.