A contractor obtains prices for 34,000 yd3 of compacted “borrow” material from three pits: Pit #3 is $11,000 cheaper than Pit #2 and $39,000 cheaper than Pit #1. The fill must be compacted down to a voids ratio of 0.7. Pit #1 costs $ 6.00/yd3 and Pit #3 costs $ 5.50/yd3. Pits #2 and #3 reported their voids ratios as 0.88 and 0.95 respectively. Use a matrix to find, a) The missing unit cost C2 for Pit #2; b) The missing voids ratio e for Pit #1; c) The missing volume of fill V required from each pit; and d) The amount paid by the contractor for each pit.