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a practical guide to the 17th edition of the wiring regulation pdf

Some time ago, when I wrote a book called A Practical Guide to Inspection,
Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations , I tried to keep it as simple as
possible and to write it in a way which I would have liked to have been taught. This
appeared to work as the book seems to be quite popular, and for that reason when
I undertook to write this book, I decided to write it in the same style. I must admit
that I found it quite a challenge but I hope that readers will find the contents at least
useful, if not interesting.

I would like to acknowledge the help, information and facilities provided to me
for the writing of this book by Central Sussex College, Megger UK for allowing
the use of their drawings and test equipment, the NICEIC for their assistance and
for allowing the reproduction of their certificates, Hager for allowing me to use
information from their technical guide, Bender UK Ltd for providing information
on monitoring equipment, and my colleagues, Jonathan Knight and Gary Maunder,
for proof reading all of the countless documents which I kept providing for them,
without complaint .