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a practical guide to the wiring regulations fourth edition pdf

Where considered necessary by the authors, some background guidance is given
together with worked examples embodied in the text at the appropriate place. It is hoped
that this Guide will serve both as a useful aid to designers, installers and verifiers of
electrical installations and to others not directly professionals in the industry but who
have an interest in the safety aspects of electrical installations perhaps as ‘duty holders’
as defined by the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. It is also expected that it will be
of use to those students of the industry who are endeavouring to come to grips with all
the many facets of electrical safety.

Extensive use has been made of tables which draw together the various relevant Regulations and options. Where appropriate, tables have also been employed as check lists for
reference for those who find such listings useful in their day-to-day activities. Similarly,
numerous figures have been used to more clearly identify specific points that the authors
have thought worthy of mention.

No single book can ever cover all the aspects of this topic and the authors have
had to take the view that this Guide should include guidance on the issues that are
more frequently encountered, leaving aside some of the more esoteric aspects. Inspection,
testing, verification, certification and reporting come in for special attention as the authors
believe many electrical contractors would welcome some guidance in this respect.
The views expressed here are the authors’ own and should not be regarded as coinciding with those of any authoritative body, though the authors believe they do not differ