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ac electric motors control advanced design techniques and applications pdf

I am grateful to my colleagues from around the world who generously contributed to
this work, bringing together considerable knowledge from a wide range of aspects of the
research area. I feel particularly honored to offer this collective work originating from their
contributions. Marc Bodson and Vincent van Assche not only directly contributed by coauthoring chapters, but also helped in other ways, with Marc reading and correcting parts of the manuscript,and Vincent retyping parts in Latex and compiling the whole manuscript. My sincere thanks go to Marc and Vincent for their contributions. Special and warm thanks go to Abderrahim El Fadili, Abdelmounim El Magri, and Hamid Ouadi, all three my former PhD students and current collaborators.

The present book would certainly never have comeout without the innumerable and exciting exchanges we had along the past 10 years. I am particularly grateful to Abderrahim and Abdelmounim who kindly accepted to retype in Latex some chapters initially written in Word by the authors. Last, but not least, I would like to thank Peter Mitchell, Liz Wingett, and Richard Davies, all three from John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, UK, who provided numerous advice and material help during the editing stage of the book.