accelerated bridge construction pdf

The use of Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) using Prefabricated
Bridge Elements and Systems (PBES) has become more commonplace over
the last 20 years in the United States.

The use of ABC for the most part has
been driven by acute traffic control issues at specific sites. Many of these
projects simply had to be built with ABC. In recent years, more states are
considering ABC on more typical projects. The desire to reduce impacts to
the traveling public is driving this effort.

During the last 20 years, there have been incremental advancements in the
use of ABC. Early projects focused on specific prefabricated elements such
as bridge decks or pier caps.

For instance, bridge deck construction using
full depth precast concrete deck panels have been in use for over 20 years.
More recently, ABC projects that use Prefabricated Bridge Elements and
Systems (PBES) have spread to all bridge elements including substructures
and foundations. Some states have made or are moving toward making the
use of ABC and PBES standard practice.

All of these documents offer important information for the use of ABC
with PBES; however none of these documents cover all the major
aspects of an accelerated bridge construction project.

Several sections
in this manual cover some of the same information that is included in
these other documents; therefore the subjects will be covered in less
detail in this manual. This manual should be considered an overview
manual on the subject of ABC with PBES.

The Transportation Research Board is in the process of a significant
research effort entitled the Strategic Highway Research Program
(SHRP2). This wide ranging program focuses on the idea of rapid
renewal for highway infrastructure.