advance materials and techniques for reinforced concrete structures second edition written pdf


Mohamed Abdallah El-Reedy, PhD, is a professional
structural engineer, and his main area of research is the
reliability of concrete and steel structures. He has provided
consulting services to different engineering companies and
oil and gas industries in Egypt and to international companies, including the International Egyptian Oil Company (IEOC) and British Petroleum (BP). Moreover, he provides
concrete and steel structure design packages for residential buildings, warehouses, telecommunication towers, and
power generation projects for WorleyParsons Egypt. He has
participated in liquefied natural gas and natural gas liquid projects with several international engineering firms.

Currently, Dr. El-Reedy is responsible for reliability, inspection, and maintenance
strategies for onshore concrete structures and offshore steel structure platforms.
He has managed 100 of these structures in the Gulf of Suez in the Red Sea.
Dr. El-Reedy has consulted with and trained executives in many organizations,
including the Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO), British Petroleum
(BP), Apache, the Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA), the Abu Dhabi
National Oil Company, King Saudi’s Interior Ministry, Qatar Telecom, the Egyptian
General Petroleum Corporation, the Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation, the
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, the Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO), and
the PETRONAS. He has taught technical courses on repair and maintenance for
reinforced concrete structures and advanced materials worldwide.