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advanced analysis and design for fire safety of steel structures with 254 figures pdf

It is indeed a great pleasure to extend our “thank you” to all our colleagues and
former research students for their dedication to our research projects.

Especially,he contributions to Chapter 2 from Dr. Yong Du, to Chapter 3 from Mr. Kai Chen
and Dr. Guobiao Lou, to Chapter 7 from Dr. Shixiong Guo and Dr. Yinzhi Wang,
to Chapter 8 from Dr. Weiyong Wang, to Chapter 9 from Dr. Shouchao Jiang and
Ms. Nasi Zhang, to Chapter 10 from Dr. Shouchao Jiang

and to Chapter 11 from
Dr. Huangtin Zhou, Dr. Yong Du and Ms. Jueqian Huang. Their efforts are deeply
appreciated and acknowledged. Finally, we would like to thank the editorial staff of
Springer Verlag and Zhejiang University Press for their great assistance.