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The first edition of this book was published jointly by Hemisphere Publishing Corporation and McGraw-Hill Book Company of New York with
a 1983 copyright. The second edition had a 1997 copyright and was published by Taylor and Francis. This edition essentially is designed for readers at the same level.
Compared to the second edition, following are the major changes.

• Chapter 1 has been renamed as “Soil aggregate, plasticity, and classification.” It includes additional discussions on clay minerals, nature
of water in clay, repulsive potential and pressure in clay, and weight–
volume relationships.
• Chapter 3 has also been renamed as “Stresses and displacements in
a soil mass.” It includes relationships to evaluate displacements in a
semi-infinite elastic medium due to various types of loading in addition
to those to estimate stress.

• Chapter 4 on “Pore water pressure due to undrained loading” has additional discussions on the directional variation of pore water pressure
parameter A due to anisotropy in cohesive soils.
• Chapter 5 on “Permeability and seepage” has new material to estimate the coefficient of permeability in granular soil using the Kozeny–
Carman equation. The topics of electroosmosis and electroosmotic
coefficient of permeability have been discussed.

• Solutions for one-dimensional consolidation using viscoelastic model
has been presented in Chapter 6 on “Consolidation”.
• Chapter 7 on “Shear strength of soils” has more detailed discussions
on the effects of temperature, anisotropy, and rate of strain on the
undrained shear strength of clay. A new section on creep in soil using
the rate-process theory has been added.
• Chapter 8 has been renamed as “Settlement of shallow foundations.”
More recent theories available in literature on the elastic settlement
have been summarized.
• SI units have been used throughout the text, including the problems.