advances in electric power and energy systems load and price forecasting pdf

My goal in writing this book is to present a sampling of leading-edge works treating
forecasting problems in the operation of electric power systems throughout the world.
The book’s audience consists mainly of practicing professionals, regulators, planners, and consultants   engaged in the electric power business. In addition, seniorundergraduate and graduate students and researchers will ind this book to be useful in their work. Background requirements include some mathematical notions from algebra and calculus.

The core of this book (Chapters 2–6) consists of two chapters dealing with power
system load forecasting and three chapters on electricity price forecasting. Chapters 7
and 8 are unique treatments of estimation of post-storm restoration times in electric
power distribution systems and river low forecasting based on autonomous neural
network models using a nonparametric approach. While Chapter 1 is usually devoted
to charting the course of the book, I prepared Chapter 1 to offer background material
for the two main forecasting issues considered. Each chapter is a self-contained
treatment of its subject matter.