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advances in integrated design and cin mechanical engineering ii edited by s tichkiewitch m tollenaere and p ray copy pdf

This book presents a selection of papers related to the sixth edition of the International Conference on Integrated Design and Manufacturing in Mechanical Engineering. This Conference has been organized within the framework of the activities of the AIP-PRIMECA network whose main scientific field is Integrated Design applied to both Mechanical Engineering and Production. This conference can be seen as a mirror on international tendencies in Integrated Design in the year 2006. It shows
the urgent need for change in product development with the integration during the design activity of the global life cycle of the product.

After Nantes, Compiegne, Montreal, Clermont-Ferrand and Bath, this IDMME Conference has been held in Grenoble, under the responsibility of Professor Serge Tichkiewitch, the Chairman of the Conference and the first General Director of the PRIMECA network. The Scientific Committee members have selected all the lectures from complete papers, which is the guarantee for the Conference of quite outstanding scientific level. After that, a new selection has been carried out to retain the best publications, which establish in a book, a state-of-the-art analysis as regards Integrated Design and Manufacturing in the discipline of Mechanical Engineering.

The 33 papers presented in this book were selected amongst the 97 papers presented during the Conference during 28 sessions. Two keynote papers, one presented by Professor Stephen Lu, from the IMPACT Research Laboratory, University of Southern California, USA, on “Supporting participative joint decisions in integrated design and manufacturing teams”, and one written by Professor Stefan Rudolph from Stuttgart University about “Know-How Reuse in the conceptual design phase of complex engineering products or: ‘Are you still constructing manually or do you generate already automatically”’, introduce the subject of the Conference and are followed by the different themes highlighted during the conference:
The design/manufacturing interface
The unique and important aspect of this conference is to look at the synergies
and relationships between the design and manufacture processes. It will alsodeal with the interrelationships of other technologies in design and manufacture.

Integrated design of manufacturing processes
The manufacturing process or system has to be designed carefully to afford
benefit. Within this topic aspects of risk management, IT strategies, design for
flexibility and responsiveness are covered. The topic of micro-manufacture will
also be covered.

Life cycle design and manufacturing approaches Life cycle manufacturing is a topic of increasing importance and includes critical aspects dealing with such aspects as design optimisation, cradle to
gave management of both products and systems, assembly versus disassembly, flexibility for product up-grade, flexibility for component substitution, variety management, etc.