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advances in integrated design and cin mechanical engineering ii edited by s tichkiewitch m tollenaere and p ray copy pdf

Agility in design and manufacture

Agility is the key requirements for the 21st century as customers, however
defined, require what they want when they want it. In particular the issues
of design technologies, computer-aided engineering, product strategy, mass
customisation, agility and responsiveness will be considered, particularly in
relation to dynamic world markets and globalisation.

Knowledge in engineering

We are actually moving from a resource based society toward knowledge
based society. Within this topic, aspects of knowledge management, knowledge
modelling, knowledge capitalization, ontologies are covered.
Management in production system
With the notion of extended enterprise, the supply chain management is becoming crucial for industry. Within this topics, logistic, planning, scheduling, control
of production system are concerned.

The book is divided into sections reflecting the above themes and will be of interest
to academics, students and practitioners specialising in design and manufacturing
issues in mechanical engineering. We hope you will find it of the greatest interest
to compare your various points of view within the fields broached throughout the

We should like to highlight the very significant input of the members of the organizing committee for the success of the Conference: Mrs Joëlle Robcis, from the AIPPRIMECA Grenoble’s centre, Professors D. Brissaud, J.F. Boujut, M. Jacomino, Y. Frein, J.C. Léon, F. Noël, H. Paris, H. Tiger and F. Villeneuve, all members of the GSCOP Laboratory: Laboratory for Sciences of Design, Optimisation and Production of Grenoble, France.