advances in mechanical engineering geometrical vision measurement in mechanical engineering pdf

In addition, there are three papers related to the image processing and pattern recognition:
M. Dong et al. derived a general algorithm for grayscaleweighted centroiding method; X. Chen et al. described a direction-guided method for real-time processing of light stripe images in practical active vision application; Z. Wang et al. proposed a manifold adaptive kernel semisupervised
discriminant analysis algorithm for gait recognition.

The rest of the five papers discussed other issues related to the vision measurement: A. B. Abdullah et al. aimed to evaluate the quality of a cold embossed hole based on profile deviation gathered from 3D surface measurement; W. L. Liu et al. developed a dynamic weighting model that describes not only the dynamic uncertainty but also the geometric variations of laser tracking system; Y. Wang et al. presented a new method to calibrate the robot visual measurement system; H. Wang presented a technique for noncontact optical measurement of in-plane displacement based on correlation analysis; B. Wu and B. Wang presented a novel automatic measurementmethod for large-scale space and large workpieces (equipment) combined with the laser theodolite measuring and
vision guiding technologies. We hope that this special issue would provide the readers with the latest trends of geometrical vision measurement in mechanical engineering.