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advances in renewable energies and power technologies volume 1 solar and wind energies pdf

This book provides a study of the advances in renewable energies, focusing on
solar and wind energies. It is aimed at researchers and experts who want to
develop novel results in this exciting subject, as well as newcomers to renewable
energies. The book presents explanations about the principle of the solar and wind
energies generation and provides ideas for new research applications. Special
emphasis is given to the recent innovative applications of solar and wind energies
to provide electrical energy, especially on the power control, and the optimum use
of energy.

The text is presented in such a way to be accessible to researchers with basic
knowledge in renewable energies. The book is divided into two parts: solar and
wind energies. Each chapter of the book is devoted to a particular problem, as
• Solar energy
• Principle and design of solar cells and modules
• Site selection for installing photovoltaic (PV) plants
• Forecast of solar energy
• Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) techniques under normal and
shading operation
• Distributed MPPT techniques
• Smoothing control of PV power
• Faults detection and diagnosis in PV plants
• Energy management and economic study of hybrid PV systems
• Application of PV energy in irrigation
• Application of PV energy in water pumping
• Management strategies for the optimum use of the PV energy
• Organic Rankine Cycle for generating electricity based on solar concentrators
• Thermal and solar cookers
• Wind energy
• Wind energy facts
• Doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) in wind energy conversion
• Wind turbine emulator

These points have been studied in depth by the authors and illustrated using examples. The results are compared with previous results of the literature, whenever is
possible. The book contains around (320) figures and (822) compiled references.
This book will open up several interesting research lines, as the results provided
can be extended to other problems such as:
• Climatic parameters: prediction and its effect on the power generated
• Integration of PV and wind energies into the grid

• Faults detection, identification, and correction in PV plants
• Net zero energy buildings
• Economic studies of the viabilities of renewable energies