air conditioning a practical introduction 3rd edition pdf

A control system worked example explains how a building management system is integrated with the
HVAC system in very practical terms.
Air duct acoustics are adequately explained with worked examples and a workbook to enable the HVAC designer to make an assessment of plant sounds transferring to the occupied rooms – a difficult subject made easy.

Finding the project sale price for an air conditioning system is made easier with the aid of a downloadable workbook with sample prices and an established method of costing. The user can input current data from Span ‘s Mechanical and Electncal Services Price Book, or other source of pricing information, and calculate costs, change margins and discounts and find out what to charge the main contractor or final customer for the project.

A question bank is provided in addition to extensive questions in each chapter to provide self-learning material and resources for assignments and tests. In my experience in-class quizzes always proved popular and educational and this question bank makes the task of creating a University Challenge match very easy and enjoyable. Happy quizzing!