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air conditioning system design pdf


I am indebted to my ex-colleagues at South Bank University for much practical help, encouragement, and advice in the writing of this book. In particular,
I am most grateful to Mr. Terry Welch for VRV systems and the discussion
in Chapter 7; to Prof. Ron James and Terry Welch for Chapter 9, on refrigeration and heat-pump systems; to Stan Marchant for the text on cooling
towers in Chapter 10; to Prof. Tim Dwyer who contributed the overview
of control systems in Chapter 17; and to Prof. John Missenden who provided the text for control valves in Chapter 17.

My thanks are also due to
Prof. Risto Kosonen of Aalto University, Sweden, for writing Chapter 8.
My son Mark gave me a great deal of help with word processing. Lastly,
my thanks are due to Brian Guerin, Edward Payne, and other members of
Elsevier for their dedication in bringing this book to its completion.