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airport planning and management 5th edition pdf

In 1986, the first edition of Airport Planning & Management pioneered an innovative structure for a basic airport principles course designed for several similar, yet distinct, markets: the college student enrolled in an aviation program, as well as someone in the field of airport management or operations who is seeking further education.

Since that time, four editions of the text were published, each edition reflecting updates that have occurred in the constantly evolving aviation industry. The response of both professors and students over the years has been gratifying. Airport Planning & Management and its accompanying test bank have been more widely used than any other teaching material for an airport course.
In the seventeen years since the first edition of this text was published, the
world of civil aviation, including airport management, has witnessed tremendous changes in technology, structure, and political environments.

The airline industry adjusted to major regulatory change, experienced economic woes, experienced record economic prosperity, and most recently has begun to adjust to
an entirely new economic and political environment. Similarly, general aviation
has witnessed a rebirth in activity and technological developments. In addition,
the world of airport management has continued to evolve into more of a scientific discipline, applying theories of operations, economics, finance, and public administration to adapt to ever-changing environments.
An important change has been the addition of a co-author, Dr. Seth Young,
whom I have had the pleasure of working with for the past five years as a fellow professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Dr. Young has a Ph.D.

in civil and environmental engineering/transportation from the University of
California, Berkeley, is an accredited certified member of the American Association of Airport Executives, and is a certified instrument-rated FAA private pilot.
Prior to his career at Embry-Riddle, Dr. Young was an airport management consultant, participating on airport planning projects throughout the United States.
Dr. Young’s expertise in the area of airport planning, operations, and management brings a new dimension to this book.

We have made our best attempt to bring the fifth edition of Airport Planning &
Management to a new standard of quality as a resource for current and future
airport managers. We have worked hard to enhance the best and proven elementsof the earlier editions while adding new perspectives, theories, and information
gained from our respective teaching, research, and aviation experiences. The
whole text has been critically revised, updated, and reorganized. In addition, significant text has been added and rewritten. Clear and interesting communication
has been a priority, as in past editions.