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airport planning and management 5th edition pdf

Recognizing that a course in airport planning and management is normally a student’s first exposure to the field, this text provides a significant amount of introductory material. While no one text can be the exhaustive source on any particular topic, this text attempts to provide a body of information that will allow students to gain knowledge of the various facets of airport planning and management at a fundamental, yet also comprehensively rich, level. The focus of this text
is to build a solid foundation of understanding of all the elements that are of concern to airport management. Influenced by our combined experience of over 40 years in teaching aviation management at the college level, we believe that the information contained in this text is commensurate with university level study.

It is recognized that instructors will supplement the material found in this text
with current case studies, examples drawn from their own experiences, timely
news sources, and industry and academic journals. Students are encouraged to
explore and keep abreast of current periodicals, such as Airport, Airport Business, Air Transport World, and Aviation Week and Space Technology. It is hoped that the ability to reason accurately and objectively about problems facing airports and the development of a lasting interest in airport planning and management will be two valuable byproducts of the text’s basic objectives.