alternating current fundamentals eighth edition pdf

The eighth edition of Alternating Current Fundamentals remains a leader in textbooks
that provide the information needed for technicians in the electrical field. Alternating Current Fundamentals is a companion text to Direct Current Fundamentals and builds on that
platform. An understanding of alternating current theory is an absolute must for anyone
desiring employment in the electrical field in almost any part of the world. If industry runs,
it runs on electricity!

uns on electricity! Alternating Current Fundamentals Eighth Edition begins with an introduction to
alternating current and compares it to direct current. AC voltage, frequency, waveforms,
and the differences between peak, RMS, and average values are discussed. Series and parallel circuits containing resistance, inductance, and capacitance with mathematical solutions to problems are given. Practice problems at the end of applicable units aid students in understanding the concepts of RL, RC, and RLC circuits.

Alternating Current Fundamentals Eighth Edition contains information on singlephase and three-phase transformers. This coverage includes examples of how to calculate values of voltage, current, and turns for different types of transformers. Alternators, threephase motors, and single-phase motors are also covered.

• Improved graphics.
• Determining the values of different types of capacitors.
• Expanded coverage on three-phase motors.
• Expanded coverage on single-phase motors.
• A Green Technology Icon within the text indicates new information about “Green Technology” relating to conservation and energy efficiency. This text contains information
about power factor correction. Keeping the power factor in ac circuits as close to unity
as possible is desirable because it reduces power losses in line wires and increases efficiency of transmission.