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alternative energy sources and technologies process design and operation pdf

In this book we aim to present the use of alternative sources of energy and technologies to produce fuels and power. We describe the value chain from harvesting the raw material (i.e solar, wind, biomass or shale gas), followed by the analysis of the processing steps into power, fuels and/or chemicals and finally the distribution of the products.

We focus on the challenges of the supply, the variability of the source and its prediction, as well as the uncertainties related to it, the description of novel processes that are being developed and evaluated for their transformation, and the current results on the techno-economic analysis that are being reported in the literature. Moreover, in terms of the operation of such systems, energy distribution to the consumer and usage, and how we can integrate the new chemicals, fuels and power within the current system and infrastructure is evaluated. An example of the operation of a real renewable-based system, El Hierro island (Spain) is also discussed.

The view of the book is given from the process perspective and how a process systems approach can help in the use and integration of these sources of energy and novel technologies.

I thank all the authors for without their effort and commitment, this work would have not been possible. Special thanks are due to the reviewers of the chapters, who have provided useful ideas and suggestions and a different perspective to the various topics covered in this work.