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alternative energy systems and applications second edition pdf

Enhanced oil and gas recovery has resulted in unexpected increases in domestic fossil fuel
production and in the proved reserves of both crude oil and natural gas. However, even if
enhanced oil and gas recovery were to provide, in the short term, acceptable energy resources
for the USA and the rest of the world, other considerations (greenhouse gas emissions,environmental effects, climate change, long-term availability, for example) require that alternative energy sources and alternative uses of existing resources be a part of meeting future
energy requirements. Hence, the topics of this textbook are very germane for the future. The
identification of additional fossil fuel resources has essentially provided more time to discover,
implement, and develop other, more sustainable and more environmentally-friendly energy

Review questions and exercises, at the end of each chapter in the first edition, are available on
the companion web site for this book rather than at the end of each chapter.
I appreciate all the comments, corrections, and suggestions for the first edition received from
colleagues. The corrections were implemented and the comments and suggestions considered
for the second edition.

Additionally, thanks are due to Professors Tejas S. Pandya, Paul Stewart, Sangaraju
Shanmugam, Samuel Sih, Xianchang Li and Alison Subiantoro who reviewed the manuscript;
their comments were insightful and helpful.