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alternative energy systems in building design pdf

Material on fusion reactors is included. Although fission reactors are not considered an alternative energy technology, the coverage is intended to provide a comparative reference with the specifics of fusion reactors. In writing this book, I have attempted to incorporate all significant alternative energy technologies; in the process, I have made extensive use of material from my previous publications and published articles from the Department of Energy (DOE), National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL), Web resources such as Wikipedia, and many contributors (as cited and acknowledged throughout the book).

As part of solar power system design and implementation, this book also includes
specific coverage of LEED design, energy conservation, and the unique economics of
solar power financing and return on investment, which covers the details of personnel,
material cost breakdowns, and energy cost analyses. In view of the recent developments of new financial strategies, this book includes a discussion about power purchase agreements (PPAs), brief coverage of the Kyoto Protocol, and a discussion of the national and international carbon cap and trade system, which would be of significant importance to program managers.

As custodians of our global village, we must urgently apply our collective human ingenuity and resources to stop and reverse global atmospheric and environmental pollution within the next generation. In the past couple of centuries, as engineers and scientists, we have advanced these technologies, elevated living standards, and, in the process, grossly neglected the need for harmony with Mother Nature. Even though the challenges ahead may seem difficult to overcome, historically, as a nation, we have overcome equally insurmountable challenges and succeeded in realizing the seemingly impossible.

About the Author

Peter Gevorkian, Ph.D., P.E., is President of Vector Delta Design Group, Inc., an electrical engineering and solar power design consulting firm, specializing in industrial, commercial, and residential projects. Since 1971, he has been an active member of the Canadian and California boards of professional engineers. Dr. Gevorkian is also the author of Sustainable Energy Systems in Architectural Design, Sustainable Energy Systems Engineering, and Solar Power in Building Design, all published by McGraw-Hill.