an engineers guide to matlab with applications third edition pdf

In going from the previous edition to this third edition, we have made many significant changes. A new chapter, “Biological Systems: Transport of Heat, Mass, and Electric Charge,” has been added. To make room for this new material, Chapter 8, “Machine Design,” of the previous edition has been removed. In Chapter 1,“Introduction,” more details on the setup of user preferences and the use of the MATLAB editor are provided, and the number of exercises has been significantly increased. Also, the Symbolic toolbox has been moved to this chapter.

In Chapter 5, “Function Creation and Selected MATLAB Functions,” the section dealing with the differential equation solvers now includes the delay differential equations solver (dde23) and the one-dimensional parabolic–elliptic partial differential equations solver (pdepe). In addition, the range
of examples for the ordinary differential equations solver bvp4c has been expanded to better illustrate its wide applicability. Chapter 6, “2D Graphics,” contains twice the number of special purpose graph functions, more material on the enhancement of graphs, and several new examples replacing those used in the second edition. Chapter 9,“Vibrations,” has been extensively revised and expanded to include a wider range of applications. Chapter 13 “Optimization,” has also been expanded to demonstrate the use of the new Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search toolbox.

Overall, the book has been “refreshed” to reflect the authors’ collective
experiences with MATLAB, to introduce the new enhancements that are available
in the MATLAB editor, and to include some of the new functions that have been
introduced since the last edition. Overall, the examples, exercises, and MATLAB
functions presented in the book have been increased by more than 25%. The book
now contains 190 numbered examples, almost 300 exercises, and more than 375
MATLAB functions that are illustrated. The programs in this edition have been run
on Version 2009a.