an introduction to mechanical engineering part 1 pdf

An Introduction to Mechanical Engineering is an essential text for all first-year undergraduate students as well as those studying for foundation degrees and HNDs. The text gives a thorough grounding in the following core engineering topics: thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, dynamics, electricals and electronics, and materials scien.

Although a force cannot be directly observed, its effect can be.A typical example is a force arising from the surface contact between two bodies, e.g. one pushing against the other. Two forces actually occur in this situation as shown in Figure 1.1. One is the ‘action’ of the man on the wall and the other is the ‘reaction’ of the wall on the man.

The properties of the macroscopic materials are the features of interest to the engineer. How we measure and define the properties of materials is the first task to be considered. However, the engineer needs also to understand that the properties of the material are a complex function of attributes of the material ranging from the atomic level upwards. By understanding some of the basic attributes of materials at these scales, we not only understand the attributes of a material, but also understand how to control and modify the attributes of a material.