an introduction to mechanical engineering third edition pdf

We certainly have not intended this textbook to be an exhaustive treatment
of Mechanical Engineering, and we trust that it will not be read in that light.
Quite the contrary: In teaching fi rst-year and second-year students, we are
ever conscious of the mantra that “less really is more.” To the extent possible,
we have resisted the urge to add just one more section on a particular subject,
and we have tried to keep the material manageable and engaging from the
reader’s perspective.

Indeed, many topics that are important for mechanical
engineers to know are simply not included here; this is done intentionally (or,
admittedly, by our own oversight). We are confi dent, however, that students
will be exposed to those otherwise omitted subjects in due course throughout
the remainder of their engineering curricula.

In Chapters 2 through 8, we have selected a subset of mechanical engineering “elements” that can be suffi ciently covered for early students to develop useful design, technical problem-solving, and analysis skills. The coverage has been chosen to facilitate the textbook’s use within the
constraints of courses having various formats.