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analysis of synchronous machines second edition pdf

Unfortunately, the analysis of machines as a fields problem involves the solution of Laplace’s or Poisson’s equation. The geometry of machines leads to complicated boundary conditions even for simplified cases. A digital computer must generally be used to find complete field distributions.
The approach of this book is to characterize the machine in terms of coupled magnetic circuits rather than magnetic fields.

Our interest is then restricted primarily to the terminal rather than internal characteristics of machines. Although one loses sight of the exact spatial distribution of currentsand fluxes, the problem becomes immensely simplified. However, to ensure an understanding of the simplifying assumptions, one must initially deal directly with the fields. The significant effects of the rotating fields must be expressed properly in terms of flux linkages in rotating coupled circuits. Since flux linkage is proportional to inductance, the ability to characterize winding distributions and utilize this characterization in the calculation of winding inductances is of central importance.