Dwnload Apache Solr Search Patterns Leverage the power of Apache Solr to power up your business by navigating your users to their data quickly and efficiently by Jayant Kumar easily in PDF format for free 

Jayant Kumar is an experienced software professional with a bachelor of engineering degree in computer science and more than 14 years of experience in architecting and developing large-scale web applications. Jayant is an expert on search technologies and PHP and has been working with Lucene and Solr for more than 11 years now. He is the key person responsible for introducing Lucene as a search engine on www.naukri.com, the most successful job portal in India. Jayant is also the author of the book Apache Solr PHP Integration, Packt Publishing, which has been very successful.
Jayant has played many different important roles throughout his career, including software developer, team leader, project manager, and architect, but his primary focus has been on building scalable solutions on the Web. Currently, he is associated with the digital division of HT Media as the chief architect responsible for the job site www.shine.com. Jayant is an avid blogger and his blog can be visited at http://jayant7k. blogspot.in. His LinkedIn profile is available at http://www.linkedin.com/in/ jayantkumar.  I would like to thank the guys at Packt Publishing for giving me the opportunity to write this book.

Special thanks to Vinay Argekar and Mohammed Fahad from Packt Publishing for keeping me engaged and dealing with my drafts and providing feedback at all stages. I would like to thank my wife, Nidhi, and my parents for taking care of our kids while I was engaged in writing this book. And finally, I would like to thank my kids, Ashlesha and Banhishikha, for bearing with me while I was writing this book.  Ramzi Alqrainy is one of the most recognized experts within artificial intelligence and information retrieval fields in the Middle East. He is an active researcher and technology blogger with a focus on information retrieval.

He is a Solr engineer at Lucidworks and head of technology of www.openSooq.com, where he capitalizes on his solid experience in open source technologies in scaling up the search engine and supportive systems. His experience in Solr, Elasticsearch, Spark, Mahout, and Hadoop stack contributed directly to the business growth through the implementations and projects that helped the key people to slice and dice information easily throughout the dashboards and data visualization solutions. By developing more than eight full stack search engines, he was able to solve many complicated challenges about agglutination and stemming in the Arabic language.

He holds a master’s degree in computer science, was among the first rank in his class, and was listed on the honor roll. His website address is http://ramzialqrainy. com. His LinkedIn profile is http://www.linkedin.com/in/ramzialqrainy. He can be contacted at [email protected]  I would like to thank my parents and sisters for always being there for me.  Damiano Braga is a senior software engineer at Trulia, where he helps the company to scale the search infrastructure and make search better. He’s also an open source contributor and a conference speaker.

Prior to Trulia, he studied at and worked for the University of Ferrara (Italy), where he completed his master’s degree in computer science engineering. Omar Shaban is a software architect and software engineer with a passion for programming and open source. He began programming as a youngster in 2001. He is the lead maintainer of PHP’s PECL Solr Extension and a proud PHP member. Omar enjoys resolving complex problems, designing web applications architecture, and optimizing applications’ performance. He is interested in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning.