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asias energy trends and developments innovations and alternative energy supplies volume 1 pdf

Volume 2 of this compilation is the result of a number of lectures that have been delivered at the ISEAS Energy Forum during 2009 and 2010. It takes a more regional approach, initially examining oil, gas and coal inSoutheast Asia, then moving to East Asia and the need for cooperation in the face of competition for resources with Japanese and Russian energy relations. Next it examined the Japan-China relations in terms of energy policy. South Asia and specifically India’s pipeline potential, which has  links to the Caucasus and Central Asia are also explored, rounding off with the complexities of diplomacy among the Arab states relating to gas pipelines.

It is hoped that with this volume of the ISEAS Energy series of books, readers will have gained a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of global and regional energy security. Energy issues are constantly moving and developing, being impacted by the latest political unrest in the Middle
East or the latest energy technology development, oil prices rising, etc. It is necessary to update ourselves with an ever-changing energy story.

As with any publication that has multiple contributors, there are inevitable delays in collating the papers, therefore we wish to thank the patience and understanding of the contributors whose time they have contributed in order to help to enlarge public knowledge on vital energy issues.