assessment evaluation and repair of concrete steel and offshore structures pdf

Worldwide, there are many failures or complete collapses of concrete, steel, and
offshore structures. If the reasons behind these failures are known and understandable, then to avoid such incidents will be much easier. In this book, the defects in
project management from the feasibility stage through operation and maintenance
will be fully explained. The objective of this book is to provide guidelines for structural engineers to understand the best ways of establishing functional structures that
remain durable throughout its lifetime.

With my experience in lecturing many courses worldwide, I have found that
the main underlying issues of failure have to do with overconfidence, and every
civil or structural engineer considers that the factor of safety covers everything.
However, these safety factors have a certain limit in providing the safety of structures. Therefore, it is very important to fully understand the theoretical background
behind the factors of safety in different codes and standards.

Therefore, this book covers all the aspects of a project’s life, such as project
management pitfalls, design errors, bad materials, construction problems, and
operation and maintenance that can cause the structural failure or even collapse.
Also this book address the many structural failures of both onshore and offshore
structures, and the underlying reasons and mechanisms of the failures will be
addressed by case studies with engineering calculations.

Due to structural aging, it is mandatory to perform a proper assessment and repair of the existing structure or increase its strength to achieve its full functional use. The traditional and
advanced methods of assessment and inspection for concrete and steel structure
are presented, along with the best ways to predict the structural lifetime for
onshore and offshore structures.