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We know electricity s invisible. Therefore, while working in electrica installations one (viii) Do not have any sharp tool protruding should always first take care of one’s own safety. A ttle carelessnss can result in an accident, which many times can be fatal Therefore, electricity needs certain precautions Do not secure a position where the of handling to avoid danger.

The following “Do Nots” (precautions) should always be observed before starting work on,  Do not forget to discharge the over- electrical equipment and apparatus from the pocket when working on a high voltage overhead line. Always keep one hand in the pocket.

head s likely to become a conductor in overhead lines. head lines by earthing or by other

suitable means Do not forget that electri shocks are generally received by the worker and (xi) Do not forget to earth a metallic can be avoided. Be careful coverings of the eiectrical wiring instal-

lation Do not forget to connect a switch on a live conductor Do not forget to put off the main switch (if neart) in the case of a per x son l in contact with a live conductor or apparatus.

Do not use wires and tools having Do not attempt to disengage a person poor insulation or hesitatingly. Do it quickly pulling a flexible cable in contact with a live apparatus which (xiv) Do not open or close a switch slowly ou cannot switch off immediately Insulate yourself from the earth by Do not disconnect a plug point by standing on a rubber mat or dry board of wood before attempting to get him Do not work on energised circuits clear. Even then do not touch his body: push him clear with a piece of dry wood without taking all precautions, such as the use of a rubber mat, shoes and gloves, etc

Do not forget o pu of the main (xvi) Do not tamper with an electrical switch and take away the fuse carrier along while working on an installation Also, then put a caution notice on or (xviii) Do not renew a blown fuse near the main switch inscribing “Danger Men at Work”. equipment or a conductor, unless you are sure that is dead and carthed you cause and have are satisfied as rectified the fault.

Do not have a false feeling of security (xix) Do not close any switch unless you are by believing that resuscitation can always bring a person back to ife after an electric shock.

First of all, call the doctor at once and apply artificia (xx) Do not allow unauthorised persons to respiration quickly familiar with the circuit which it controls and know the reason for it being open touch or handle electrical apparatus or come within the danger zone of high voltage apparatus Do not discontinue artificial respira tion until recovery or death is certified by the doctor.

Do not forget to put on your safety If Do not add water to acid while pre- electrolyte. Always add acid paring an to water belt before starting work on a pole. Urheberrechtlich geschütztes Malerial.