basic electricity and electronics for control fundamentals and applications third edition pdf

In most places this text is not rigorously mathematical; in some areas where precision in mathematics is necessary, those points are elaborated upon. Where technical sophistication, as opposed to ease of
understanding exists, understanding prevails. This is not an engineering text, but a basic and practical course in electrics and electronics. It is not intended as a substitute for a technical education nor is it a preengineering text.

For proper use, good practice, and to ensure the readers ability to work safely, a prior knowledge of  standard workplace safety procedures andtechniques is required. A rudimentary knowledge of measurements and an experience in the proper use of typical test equipment will be of great
benefit when reading this text.

I hope this new version will be as enthusiastically accepted as a teaching tool as was the previous edition and will give the user of the text the satisfaction that he or she has achieved a significant background in topics found in most all technical occupations.

I would like to acknowledge the many persons who helped this book come to fruition; Ed Sullivan and Gerry Thomas, ISA instructors who pointed me in the right direction; the ISA Training Staff, who pointed out the need and encouraged me; and those involved in the production process—particularly Susan Colwell—for their patience and ability to change my writing into some semblance of prose.