BC Residential Construction Industry Profile Study 2013 Final Report Powered by Globe

This report is a summary of the “British Columbia Residential Construction Industry Profile” study, commissioned by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association of BC (CHBA BC) through the BC Government’s Labour Market Development Agreement (LMDA) and supported by a number of industry stakeholders as part of a dedicated project Steering Committee. The research for this study was carried out by GLOBE Advisors, in partnership with Brantwood Consulting, during the first three months of 2013.

This study builds on earlier research, drawing upon insights and studies published by CHBA BC, the former Residential Construction Industry Training Organization (RCITO), the Professional Builders’ Institute of BC (PBIBC), the Homeowner Protection Office (HPO), various industry organizations and associations, and a range of other secondary sources in order to provide an in-depth examination of the residential construction industry in BC and its related workforce.

The research methodology also included a comprehensive analysis of statistical and labour market information (LMI) from publicly available sources including Statistics Canada, BC Statistics, the Construction Sector Council, and others. Secondary research and statistical analyses for this study were backed up by extensive quantitative and qualitative research activities that included: • Developing a web-based industry survey with responses from more than 430 business owners, homebuilders, general contractors, sub-trades, and apprentices in the residential construction sector from across the province.

• Conducting more than two dozen one-on-one interviews with industry associations and organizations, training providers, the Industry Training Authority (ITA), and the owners of residential contracting and specialty trades companies; and • Hosting a series of four regional focus groups that brought together homebuilders and developers, specialty trade contractors, deans and instructors from several post-secondary institutions, and representatives from various industry associations and organizations to discuss industry trends.

Challenges and opportunities with respect to training and continuous learning; and alternative delivery models relevant to residential construction training. To access the supporting Appendices Document which includes more detailed information on apprenticeship and training fo

the residential construction sector in BC, the results from the industry survey, findings from the industry consultations and regional focus groups, and the project methodology, contact GLOBE Advisors at info@globeadvisors.ca or visit www.globeadvisors.ca.

The residential construction industry plays a significant role within British Columbia’s economy. At present, there are over 130,000 jobs directly or indirectly associated with the sector province-wide. As an aging workforce looks to retire over the coming decade, new opportunities are opening up across the province and the face of the industry is changing.