Download Budgeting Costing and Estimating for the Injection Moulding Industry by Peter Jones easily in PDF format for free.

Peter Jones is a practising consulting engineer with over thirty-five years’ experience within the plastics industry. He has wide experience of mould design, toolmaking, production management and general management and has worked for a number of well-known companies including ICI, United Gas Industries, Bettix and Smiths. During his time as an employee, he has held positions of estimator, chief mould designer, technical manager, general manager, production director and managing director – all within the injection moulding industry. In his capacity as a consulting engineer, he has advised several well-known national and international companies in the engineering, oil, medical, pharmaceutical, electronics and consumer industries and many others. Peter has advised on costing and estimating procedures, mould design and construction, processing, production and management.

In project management roles, he has been responsible for setting up complete injection moulding plants for both internal use and stand-alone units. Several of these have been turnkey projects where all the plant, machines, mould tools, ancillaries, systems and personnel have been provided. Additionally, he has lectured on costing, estimating, mould design, injection moulding and related topics to many well-known companies both in the UK and overseas. The intention of this book is to provide a clear understanding of the interrelated processes of budgeting, costing and estimating for the injection moulding industry. It is designed to give a clear account of all the stages involved that lead to a company costing and estimating procedure for the injection moulding industry. It includes examples of all procedures at every stage and as such, it should prove of interets to anyone concerned with these most important topics.