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building information modeling for dummies pdf

Perhaps you keep hearing about Building Information Modeling (BIM) and want to work out
what all the fuss is about. You may be a complete beginner in digital design and construction,looking for the basics. You may be a confident CAD user who wants to understand what BIM brings to the party. Or maybe you’re already very experienced in implementing BIM processes and you’re just interested in what we have to say in Building Information Modeling (BIM) For Dummies. We understand that you could be at various stages of knowledge and levels of experience. BIM is a process and it needs people like you to fuel it.

BIM isn’t just a buzzword. It’s actually been around for a long time, but the foundations to
make it really work weren’t in place before now. We’ve seen BIM generate new efficiencies and new challenges too, and we’ve also seen how construction is hit hard by global economic recession. Our aim is to give you the push you need to start, accelerate, or maximize your use of BIM. It’s our great pleasure to guide you through your BIM implementation journey.

More than likely, you’ve encountered a lot of conflicting, overly complicated, and unhelpful
content about BIM online and in print. We intend to make Building Information Modeling
(BIM) For Dummies different, cutting through all the noise and providing you with the clear
advice and practical guidance that you need to make BIM a success in your job, whatever
your level may be. Think of this book as a reference guide that addresses just what you need
to know about BIM.

For the purposes of this book, we want to make it clear that we use the terms model and
BIM to mean quite different things. Throughout the book we refer to BIM only as the
concept of information modeling for buildings. We use terms like 3D CAD, 3D model, and
geometric/geometry model interchangeably.