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building systems for interior designers pdf

Building Systems for Interior Designers covers some subjects, such as heating and air-conditioning systems, that are rarely included in other parts of an interior designer’s education. Other areas, such as lighting, typically have entire courses devoted to them, and are given a less thorough treatment here. While some topics, such as acoustics or fire safety, are intimately tied to the work of the interior designer, others, such as transportation systems, involve the interior designer less directly, or may be absent from some projects altogether.

This text assumes that the reader has a basic knowledge of building design and construction, but no special training in physics or mathematics. I have sought to cover all the related systems in a building in sufficient depth to provide the reader with a good general understanding, while avoiding repetition of material most likely covered in other courses and texts.

As the book has evolved, it has become obvious that this material is also valuable for people involved in making decisions about the systems in their own buildings,whether they are homeowners or facilities managers. Practicing interior designers and architects will also find Building Systems for Interior Designers a useful reference when checking facts and researching options. Interior
designers preparing for the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) professional certification exam will also benefit from this text.

Building Systems for Interior Designers has evolved from an initial set of lecture notes, through an illustrated outline, to classroom handouts of text and illustrations, and finally into a carefully researched and written illustrated text. In the process, I have enriched my own understanding of how buildings support our needs and activities, and this understanding has in turn benefited both my professional work as an interior designer and my continuing role as a teacher. It is my hope that, through this text, I will pass these benefits along to you, my readers.